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Street childLast year, we helped our partners reach more than 37,000 children and vulnerable families.

Street Child Africa supports street-connected children by funding prevention work, outreach programmes, centres, education and family reintegration services.  

The children we support are courageous, resilient and resourceful. Their potential is our inspiration because we know them and we know their stories.

We know what brought them to the streets, the challenges they face and their aspirations.  Understanding their experiences helps us to design programmes with our partners that respond to their needs and help them to prepare for their adult lives.

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Jessica was only 13 .........

Jessica was only 13 ...............when her mum died. Read what happened to her and where she is now.
We are working hard to make sure that there is specialist support and safe places for girls on the street. Donate now to help us do more.

Read children's stories in our latest newsletter

Read children's stories in our latest newsletter Jessica was only 13 when her mother died, read how we helped turn her life around.

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Game of Thrones star supports street children

Game of Thrones star supports street childrenJames Cosmo who plays the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch says “You want to know why I support street children? Because we have all made silly mistakes in our youth. Fortunately, most of us had families and friends to support us, to help us, to rely on. But street children don’t. Imagine if that was our kids alone and out on the streets. That's why Street Child Africa’s work is so important. Let’s give these kids a chance. Support The International Day for Street Children.”

Tess Daly supports street children

Tess Daly supports street children“Many children in sub-Saharan Africa live, work and sleep on the streets. These children are young, vulnerable, and alone. Yet somehow, they are resilient. And just like our children, they have fantastic potential. Street Child Africa supports these children through education, training and economic empowerment. But together, we could do so much more. Let’s all stand up for street children. Let’s all support The International Day for Street Children.”